Regis University Service Society

St. John Francis Regis University Service Society (RUSS) programs provide community service opportunities for students to advocate for the poor, homeless and forgotten. Inspired by the Jesuit tradition of service, students play a significant role in serving some of the most underserved individuals in our community.

RUSS Workshop

Located the basement of St. John Francis Regis Chapel, this workshop is the hub of the Regis Service Society Program on Regis’ Northwest Denver Campus. Workshop staff, student employees and volunteers organize food donations, make countless sandwiches and wrap holiday gifts for the homeless.
Volunteers making sandwiches for people in need
Staff member talking with homeless person at Homeless Connect event

Faculty and Staff Collaboration Opportunities

Regis University Service Society Programs offer numerous collaboration opportunities for faculty and staff including class street walks to deliver food to the homeless, service opportunities to supplement course work and presentations about the program’s mission. Contact Connie Gates for more information at

RUSS Christmas Party

Since 1981, the Regis University Service Society Christmas Party for the Homeless has brought gifts and a holiday dinner to more than 4,000 of Denver’s homeless each year.

Christmas candles and fir leaves
People wrapping presents for RUSS Christmas party

RUSS Christmas Wrap Party

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, hundreds of volunteers gather to wrap thousands of donated gifts to give out during the annual Regis University Service Society Christmas Party.


In addition to supporting Regis University Service Society's legacy with your time and talent, you can contribute financially to the Service Program’s mission of engaging students in life-changing experiences.